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Nothing Changes when you Change Nothing

Whether you're looking for help with a specific issue, to reach a goal (or goals), make longer lasting changes to your life or not know what you want -

you just know that something doesn't feel right, I can help.

I specialise in working with clients who would like help to work

on their Anxiety, Imposter Syndrome, Low Self-Esteem,

Life Changes, People-Pleasing, Perfectionism and Relationships.

You do not have to believe that counselling will revolutionise

your life and make a new person of you (just yet!)

but in order to get the maximum benefits the key things are:

• To keep an open mind

• Be willing to experiment with new ideas and skills

• Be prepared to invest time and effort in regular self-observation and practice


Anxiety is awful, it's tiring, exhausting, it steals your sleep, affects your relationships, makes your heart race and can leave you in a constant state of worry or panic.


I can help you to manage your anxiety and challenge those negative thoughts that are keeping you feeling stuck. 


Perfectionism is an easy way of putting out of reach expectations on yourself. You feel that you have to get things right (first time!) to avoid feelings of failure or fear of rejection.


I'd love to help you get out of that never-ending cycle and learn to relax those self-imposed rules that are stopping you from growing.


Are you often ‘waiting to be found out’, don't feel good enough or play down your achievements? Does this affect your career or relationships and stop you getting what you'd like?

By working together I can help you explore these self-doubts and start to feel 'good enough' in all areas of your life - because you are!


Do you find it REALLY difficult to say the 'no' word and find yourself over-committing to others? It may be easier to say 'yes' but it can be exhausting and be holding you back from your needs.

Let me help you learn how to say "no" to others and "yes" to yourself without feeling guilty.


Do you consider yourself to be weak, inadequate, inferior or lacking in some way? Are your thoughts about yourself often negative and critical and you don't feel good at anything? 

Let's begin work on releasing these negative thoughts and allowing positive ones to emerge


Maybe the way you are thinking and feeling about yourself is a result of past or current relationships and unhelpful repeating patterns which you'd like to change?

In our therapeutic relationship I will always invite you to be yourself in a safe and non-judgemental space.

I also have experience working with other issues including abuse, anger, attachment, bereavement, bullying, burnout, depression, chronic illness, family issues, identity, menopause,

narcissistic abuse, neurodiversity, stress and trauma.

I am also happy to talk about any other issues you may have.


Make Time For You Today

50 minute online counselling session = £70

Online sessions - 9-6pm Mon-Fri, via Zoom


50 minute face to face counselling session = £70

Face to Face sessions - 9-4pm Mon-Fri, Gravesend town centre, Kent DA12


I am also a BUPA Approved Counsellor & Psychotherapist

Contact BUPA for your pre-authorisation code

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