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I'm Terri-Ann, and I'm here to listen to you, understand you

and help you learn the strategies and skills you need

to meet your goals and make permanent changes in your life.  

By working together I can help you to:


- Manage your Anxiety

- Build your Self-Esteem

- Improve Your Relationships

as well as learn to like

(and love!) yourself.

I offer both online and face to face sessions in Gravesend town centre, Kent DA12.

Welcome to taking a step closer to making changes in your life.

Terri-Ann Fairclough

I offer you a calm, warm and friendly space where we can work through your concerns together.  We will focus on changing what can be changed and learning to accept what cannot ...

Supervision is essential for you and your clients. I value your time, my time & the work we will do together. To find out more contact me for a free 20 minute introductory consultation ...

If you've not had counselling before it can be daunting to know what to expect.  I have tried to answer some of the more common questions that clients have asked before they start therapy with me ...

If You Are Ready To Start Therapy
Contact Me Today For A Free Online Consultation

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